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Sweet Home Parioli

Sweet Home Parioli welcomes you to it’s residence in the heart of the most elegant district of Rome, among precious museums, lovely parks with monumental villas, we are near important offices, embassies, banks and in the vicinities there are prestigious universities . The structure offers an intimate and refined environment equipped with maximum comfort, a shared lounge with a convivial atmosphere.The elegant and personalized luxurious rooms give the structure a strong identity . The bathrooms are modern and fully equiped. SweetHome Parioli has a very homely atmosphere. 

The District

Sweet Home Parioli is located in a very elegant area on the right side of the Via Flaminia. The area was developed in the 1911 on the Parioli hills and is near the Pinciana zone. It has lots of green and the houses and apartments are elegant and luxurius, some have been decorated with frescos, being in a very strategic position it is easy to reach other zones of Rome. In the sixty’s this quarter was chosen by high society, actors and famous artists of that time as there dwelling, it has remained a high class area. The Parioli is privileged as it is surrounded by many famous Parks: Villa Ada , Villa Gloria, Villa Balestra, and a part of the famous Villa Borghese. Nearby is the Church of San Roberto Bellearmino which is famous for its very important mosaics. Piazza Euclide, which is only 200 mt from “Sweet Home Parioli” is important for the articulated church it has in the square ”Sacred Heart Immaculate of Mary” it is of baroque architecture. From Piazza Euclide you can get the Metro(underground) and just one stop after you are in historical center of Rome or it can be more pleasant to take a walk through Villa Borghese and arrive in the center. If you walk by Villa Gloria it will take you near the famous Auditorium which was designed by Renzo Piano architect. 

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